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Available for Purchase! Book: Cigarette Mediation
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Book: ‘Cigarette Meditations’.  By Daniel Spinks and Mako. [June 2012]


’Cigarette Meditations’ is a self-published work, consisting of a dozen poems, plus images. To buy a copy (for $15), send a message to us; alternatively, you can click on the link to the Blurb bookstore  to buy an e-book (these cost US$5.99 around AUD$6.54).

「Cigarette Meditations(煙草瞑想)」は、12の詩と絵で紡ぎあげられた本です。一冊 $15(オーストラリアドル)、 電子書籍は$6.54でお買い求めいただけます。購入を希望される方はご連絡ください。また、電子書籍はウェブサイト「 Blurb bookstore」にて。

Ebook available for US$5.99


Book: “TASMAKO” : Moments of Tasmania with Mako’s Eyes. By Mako with Mickey Rhubarb. [December, 2011]

‘TASMAKO -Moments of Tasmania with Mako’s Eyes’ is a book of Mako’s sketches of  Tasmania with Poets by Mickey who now works as Storyteller Spinks. The book was made for an exhibition. It has been introduced in the Australian newspaper named ‘The Examiner‘, as ‘Sketches of Tasmanian life born of quiet cafe moment’s’.

タスマニアの日常をきりとった真子のスケッチに、詩人Mickey(現在はSotryteller Spinksとして活動)の詩を添えた一冊。2011年にタスマニアで開かれた展覧会のためにつくられました。また、’Sketches of Tasmanian life born of quiet cafe moment’s’ として新聞に紹介されました。



ドラムカンの家. By. Sachiko Ito, Masaki Okaku, and Mako. [October, 2006]



FUJIWARA. By Masaharu Fujiwara and Mako. [September, 2008]



Cover image for WARP magazine By Mako. [August, 2012]

WARP is Tasmania’s Street Magazine of Music and Art. My cover image was to promote Junction Arts Festival 2012.



Article for fratto vol.14 By Mako. [October, 2011]

An article named ‘Letter from Tasmania’  is published in a magazine ‘fratto vol.14 –After3.11’ by Prizement (Aichi, Japan).


Article with illustrations for il.QUATRO16 By Mako. [April, 2008]

‘The connection between the Life style and the House style’ in a magazine ‘il.QUATRO. vol.16’ by Prizement (Aichi, Japan). Our magazine il.QUATRO was chosen by PIE BOOKS and introduced in the book  The Best Free Paper Designs, PIE BOOKS, Tokyo, Japan, May 2008


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