Hilbarn Recipes

Hilbarn’s Weekly Recipe.

Hand written, drawn and illustrated recipes.  These were delivered along with fresh vegetables to individual houses in Tasmania every week.

Hilbarn’s tagline is:  ‘Sharing love of fresh Tasmanian Produce.’

Hilary and Barn live in North East Tasmania.  They  buy directly from growers and farmers and deliver it to your home directly.

“We source produce from smaller growers who are passionate about what they do, as well as from larger farmers who appreciate our efforts to maintain the freshness of what they produce – picking up produce from them, then packing and delivering fresh to you within as short a timeframe as possible. “

She doesn’t know what kind of vegetables she will have.   Thus,as soon as she receives the vegetables and fruits, Hilary cooks one dish out of the ingredients which she packs
into the box to deliver.

My role is to turn the yummy recipes into a hand written and drawn card included in every box delivered.
Hilbarn packs everything on Sunday and we receive it on Monday.

So every week a new recipe is created on the fly from Hilbarn’s amazing creations.