TASMAKO – Moments of Tasmania with Mako’s Eyes –

Moments of Tasmania with Mako’s Eyes


The series of small exhibition of drawings and paintings of Tasmania witch has been sketched by Mako(me!) last three years. Regarding to the graduation from UTAS this Saturday, I decide to have this exhibition to share my sketches of Tasmania with people in Tasmania. I now have a mountain of the sketches and you might find yourself in my sketchbook. Thought provoking Tasmanian life is very precious to me. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everything gave me special memories. Thank you Tasmania.

Commentary from Joanna Eva Pinkiewicz.
Drawing is a way of recording for Mako. As a student in her final year of architecture at UTAS, she has been very used to recording and ‘thinking’ in pictures and symbols, it’s a part of her daily practice. Her journals are full of maps, illustrating thought processes, making patterns, connection, branching out, and exploring new possibilities. Both problems and solutions are represented in diagrams or symbols. The creative and logical meet.
Mako draws from her environment with acute awareness and delicacy.
She proceeds from a beautiful quietness and is capable of capturing a scene or movement with speed and whimsical accuracy. Her images feel warm, honest and familiar.
What are we privileged to see in her drawings, is our own reflection and a reflection of our own city or island. It’s a reflection tinted with Mako’s aesthetic approach and different cultural heritage, making us look somewhat more exotic.  The familiar feels fresh.
Mako’s drawings allow us to look at ourselves providing a chance for reflection on our environment or our life style and what it means to us.
Enjoy them as much as I did.
Joanna Eva Pinkiewicz
Date:       14th December, Wed– 20th December 2011
Place:      Café Culture
                3 Osbourne Ave, Trevallyn TASMANIA
                next to Trevallyn grocer
STILL water
Ritchie’s Mill Launceston, Tasmania Australia 7250
Sushi Bonza
                In the Centerway arcade, Launceston TASMANIA
               School of Architecture and Design, UTAS