home-healing space

“home – healing space” was a project about healing; about providing another refuge away from the normal dwelling for people in need. Mirroring Hobart’s surrounding nature in pocket spaces adjacent to existing car parks in the city, to provide a healing space for people including visitors of the hospital.

This proposal is my final work at my Masters of Architecture – University of Tasmania. This proposal won the “Hidden Hobart 2011: People With a City in Mind Panel Prize.”

The space provides respite from the most unnatural of settings – the urban environment, by creating a retreat within niche spaces amongst the existing fabric in Hobart CBD.

It is a welcoming open space on the ground level encourage human interaction, moving naturally upwards, smaller nooks and crannies allow for inspiration to come organically. The upper levels offer short term accommodation to visitors of hospitals and to those who need time to let themselves heal.Care workers permanently reside on the middle level to both welcome visitors and reassure residents. The basement space is insulated from harshness of the everyday. Within this tranquil space a glowing sense of calm relaxes the patient into a meditative sate.

The experience of moving through these different but sequential scenes would hasten an internal journey – from fear to relief. Mirroring Hobart’s surrounding nature into structure of building would work for healing.

‘home’ is somewhere for the human spirit to rejuvenate.